Vertical communication

Vertical communication is that which is generated between subordinate employees and higher positions within the business environment. It can develop in an ascending or descending way .

Vertical communication

Vertical communication is a highly recommended type of communication to implement in companies. It is one that occurs between subordinates and superiors in an ascending or descending way.

What stands out in this communication process is the fact that it is always carried out between members of an organization, but with a different hierarchy.

With this type of communication, the aim is to ensure that there is a good disposition among all members of the company to share information or data.

Types of vertical communication

Two types of vertical communication stand out:

  • Downward vertical communication : This communication originates from senior positions. It is used to convey information to workers at a lower or intermediate level.
  • Ascending vertical communication: It arises from the employees who are located in the lower level of the company. The purpose of this communication is to show the point of view of the workers or the need for more information about the tasks they carry out, among other options.

What is vertical communication for?

This type of communication serves to establish a transmission of information between subordinates and senior positions to achieve a greater understanding and improve the working environment of the company.

It is often the higher-level departments that establish the standards, communications, or data that are directed at lower-level employees.

This can generate communication problems and poor predisposition when carrying out the established tasks, since the workers do not have the power to issue their comments or wishes.

Vertical communication example

If the senior managers of a company decide to make a change in their policy and goals to be achieved, they must communicate it to the lower departments so that this information is known.

If the employees who occupy these positions can express their opinions or suggestions and vertical communication is generated among all, it can be said that it is effective for the company. In addition to everyone being informed and up to date with the new changes that the organization itself intends to implement.

Vertical communication is not something that is successfully achieved in a matter of seconds, but the company itself must bet on it.

A company that is interested in knowing what its employees think and knowing more about its workers will put it into practice. However, those companies that lean towards the mandate of the top positions only, will decline this option.

It is important to value effective communication within the company and implement guidelines to generate good leadership.