Verbal communication

Verbal communication is one in which words are used. The message that is transmitted is articulated and expressed through oral or written communication .

Verbal communication

Verbal communication arises from the need to communicate. Our ancestors needed to create communication codes when they were immersed in the battle for survival.

At that time, the manifestations of communication were based on gestures, shrieks, mimicry, which little by little, was constituting other types of language.

As a result of that, verbal language began to appear, as well as manifestations such as paintings to communicate through these methods.

Oral language begins to be present when man evolves from prehistoric times.

Types of verbal communication

There are two types:

  • Written communication : Words are used through the use of writing, through the representation of signs on paper.
  • Oral communication : In this case, this type of communication is manifested through spoken words.

Characteristics of verbal communication

These are the main ones:

  • Oral messages are ephemeral, unlike written communication. They are forgotten before, and they do not remain in the same way over time.
  • It is spontaneous, since it can arise through a conversation between two interlocutors, without there being anything preconceived.
  • There is an interaction between the individuals who have a conversation.
  • It is immediate in time.
  • The ear canal is used in the process.
  • There may be variations depending on the cultural context.
  • You can use movements and gestures that are associated with the words that are being revealed.

Examples of verbal communication

These are some examples of verbal communication, referring to its two types, oral and written communication:

  • A conversation.
  • An email.
  • A phone call.
  • A whistle.
  • A digital book, or in paper format.
  • The writing of a letter.
  • A shout.

Differences between verbal and non-verbal communication

These are the differences:

  • Verbal communication is expressed through words, or writing. In such a way that written or oral language is used so that it can be carried out.
  • Non-verbal communication is one that is carried out without using any type of written or oral word, but gestures, sounds, or even images are used, but everything that has to do with verbal communication is excluded.