The most important brands in the world

The brand gives added value to the product, which in many cases is essential in the consumer’s choice. This intangible value is recognized by the market, which is willing to pay more and prefers branded products to others not socially identified.

The most important brands in the world

In this list we collect the 100 most recognized brands worldwide. In the first positions, we find the brand of the largest companies in the world, such as Apple, Google, Coca-Cola or Microsoft. The first Spanish brand on the list is Zara, in position number 30.

The identification of the product constitutes a differentiation that is made through the brand, the container and the labeling, the result of a combination of design and color that affects the perception of the customers and, therefore, is an essential part of the strategic planning of Marketing . The services are also identified and made tangible, associating them with brands, symbols or people, in order to project an image that differentiates them from the competition.

In a globalized world, where the level of competition increasingly narrows the margin of companies , the value of the brand is an intangible asset that makes these brands associate in the mind of the consumer, with the corresponding increase in demand for their products. goods or services. It is therefore an asset that is difficult to value, although it is also one of the most important in achieving profits and a basis for its competitive advantage.

That is why, if we just looked at the "brand" column and covered the "brand image" column, it would cost us much more to identify and associate the products and services of that brand , there is the work of these companies to position among the top 100 companies in the world.

The value of the brand, although it is something quite stable, can be seriously altered by the events that occur in the company. For example, we predict that the Volkswagen brand located in the 35th ranking, next year will not even appear on the list, or will be in much lower positions, since after the scandal experienced (it has to provision 6,500 million euros to modify the electronics of its diesel engines polluting 40 times more) will suffer a marked deterioration as a brand image.

Below we present the 2015 world ranking of brands made up of the 100 most prestigious brands in the world, the country of origin of these companies, the sector to which they belong, the value of their brand in millions of euros and its variation with respect to the last year:

No. Brand image Mark Country Sector Brand value
(millions of euros)
Value change
Of the brand
1Manzana Manzana USA Technology 154.80 43%
2Google Google USA Technology 109.38 12%
3Coca Cola Coca Cola USA Drinks 71.29 -4%
4microsoft Microsoft USA Technology 61.52 eleven%
5ibm IBM USA Business services 59.18 -10%
6toyota Toyota Japan Car 44.59 16%
7samsung Samsung South Korea Technology 41.18 0%
8ge GE USA Diversified 38.42 -7%
9mcdonalds McDonald’s USA Restaurants 36.19 -6%
10amazon Amazon USA Retail 34.50 29%
elevenbmw BMW Germany Car 33.83 9%
12mb Mercedes Benz Germany Car 33.37 7%
13disney Disney USA Media 33.19 13%
14intel Intel USA Technology 32.20 4%
fifteencisco Cisco USA Technology 27.14 -3%
16oracle Oracle USA Technology 24.80 5%
17nike Nike USA Sportswear 20.97 16%
18hp HP USA Technology 20.96 -3%
19sling Sling Japan Car 20.89 6%
twentylv Louis Vuitton France Luxury 20.23 -1%
twenty-onehm H&M Sweden Clothing 20.20 5%
22gillette Gillette USA Consumer goods 20.20 -3%
23F Facebook USA Technology 20.03 54%
24Pepsi Pepsi USA Drinks 17.84 3%
25ae American express USA Financial services 17.20 -3%
26sap SAP Germany Technology 17.06 8%
27ikea IKEA Sweden Retail 15.04 4%
28Pampers Pampers USA Consumer goods 13.88 8%
29ups UPS USA Transportation 13.38 2%
30Zara Zara Spain Clothing 12.76 16%
31bw Budweiser USA Alcohol 12.68 7%
32ebay eBay USA Retail 12.67 -3%
33jp JP Morgan USA Financial services 12.50 10%
3. 4kellogs Kellogg’s USA Consumer goods 11.49 -6%
35w Volkswagen Germany Car 11.40 -9%
36n Nescafe Switzerland Drinks 11.14 7%
37hsbc HSBC United Kingdom Financial services 10.60 -eleven%
38ford Ford USA Car 10.53 6%
39hy Hyundai South Korea Car 10.27 8%
40Canyon Canyon Japan electronics 10.25 -4%
41Hermes Hermes France Luxury 9.95 22%
42accenture Accenture USA Business services 9.82 9%
43the real The real France Consumer goods 9.82 6%
44audi Audi Germany Car 9.39 5%
Four. Fiveciti Citi USA Financial services 8.89 12%
46gs Goldman sachs USA Financial services 8.66 9%
47philips Philips Netherlands electronics 8.55 -8%
48axa AXA France Financial services 8.41 14%
49nissan Nissan Japan Car 8.26 19%
fiftygucci Gucci Italy Luxury 8.07 -14%
51danone Danone France Consumer goods 7.85 5%
52netle Nestle Switzerland Consumer goods 7.81 7%
53siemens Siemens Germany Diversified 7.78 -1%
54allianz Allianz Germany Financial services 7.73 10%
55Colgate Colgate USA Consumer goods 7.69 3%
56porsche Porsche Germany Car 7.32 12%
57cartier Cartier France Luxury 7.20 6%
58sony Sony Japan electronics 7.00 -5%
593m 3M USA Diversified 6.58 17%
60ms Morgan stanley USA Financial services 6.44 12%
61visa Visa USA Financial services 6.25 fifteen%
62adidas adidas Germany Sportswear 6.19 -8%
63tr Thomson Reuters Canada Media 5.98 -12%
64d Discovery USA Media 5.92 6%
65panasonic Panasonic Japan electronics 5.85 2%
66typhoid Tiffany & Co. USA Luxury 5.73 6%
67starbucks Starbucks USA Restaurants 5.70 16%
68adobe Adobe USA Technology 5.69 17%
69prada Prada Italy Luxury 5.66 4%
70Santander Santander Spain Financial services 5.54 13%
71xerox Xerox USA Business services 5.48 -9%
72caterpillars Caterpillar USA Diversified 5.43 -12%
73burberry Burberry United Kingdom Luxury 5.34 5%
74kia Kia South Korea Car 5.15 5%
75kfc KFC USA Restaurants 5.13 -7%
76mc MasterCard USA Financial services 5.05 17%
77jj Johnson & Johnson USA Consumer goods 5.03 7%
78shell Shell Netherlands Energy 5.03 -12%
79hd Harley-Davidson USA Car 4.96 14%
80dhl Dhl USA Transportation 4.90 6%
81sprite3 Sprite USA Drinks 4.88 -5%
82Lego Lego Denmark Consumer goods 4.87 New
83jd John deere USA Diversified 4.73 2%
84jdnields Jack Daniel’s USA Alcohol 4.69 6%
85chervolet Chevrolet USA Car 4.67 2%
86fedex FedEx USA Transportation 4.66 16%
87landrover Land rover United Kingdom Car 4.64 14%
88huawei Huawei China Technology 4.50 fifteen%
89h Heineken Netherlands Alcohol 4.38 14%
90mtv Mtv USA Media 4.33 -7%
91rl Ralph lauren USA Clothing 4.21 -7%
92jw Johnnie walker United Kingdom Alcohol 4.13 -6%
93Crown Crown Mexico Alcohol 4.05 2%
94smirnoff Smirnoff United Kingdom Alcohol 4.01 -4%
95Kleenex Kleenex USA Consumer goods 3.94 -7%
96hboss Hugo boss Germany Clothing 3.88 3%
97paypal PayPal USA Financial services 3.86 New
98mini Mini United Kingdom Car 3.86 New
99moet Moët & Chandon France Alcohol 3.76 New
100lenovo Lenovo China Technology 3.74 New
 Source: Interbrand