Subliminal publicity

Subliminal advertising is the use of subliminal and unconscious messages in advertising spaces whose main purpose is to create stimuli and impacts on the public without their direct knowledge.

Subliminal publicity

By means of this type of advertising practices, the receiver is not aware that information about a particular good or service is being transferred to him by means of subliminal messages. In this way, you are receiving details or characteristics about a product out of your knowledge to shape or influence your decision-making power as an individual, through consumer preferences.

Criticism at the end

The use of this type of marketing techniques at the subliminal and unconscious level has been intensely discussed and criticized since its birth and expansion in the 1960s, mainly in terms of effectiveness and about the usefulness of these impacts and their subsequent translation into sales. .

This type of practice is common in cases of advertising soft drinks, alcoholic beverages or tobacco brands, trying to subliminally associate the consumption of these products with an idea of ​​success and triumph. For this, it is common to find suggestions related to different types of topics, including sexual ones.

How is subliminal advertising done?

In general, subliminal advertising is used by means of audiovisual messages (fixed such as images in magazines or posters or moving through frames) emitted below the threshold of conscious perception. This means that they reach the human brain but in an unconscious way for people. Information is deposited in their heads so that they do not find out directly. The objective is that this information pushes the desire of consumers towards a certain product, creating a need for it and influencing their behavior as buyers.

With the help of the perception capacity of the human eye and the brain (which function differently), subliminal messages are transferred that stimulate sensations or ideas such as anxiety, hunger, panic or thirst, with the help of suggestion.

In the employment of subliminal advertising, he is persecuted and punished as a general rule by the authorities. Despite this, its effectiveness is constantly questioned and its usefulness is sometimes considered even a myth in the marketing world.