sales executive

A sales executive is the head of the sales department of a company. You can hold the position of director or sales manager.

sales executive

In simple terms, a sales executive is the one who is responsible for the sales area of ​​a company.

Consequently, it has many functions to perform. Therefore, it must be a professional who has extensive technical, administrative, marketing, sales strategy and group management knowledge.

It is important to mention that a sales executive has several responsibilities in charge within an organization. One of them is the training and management of the sales team. Another is to understand and meet customer requirements to offer solutions that are appropriate according to their needs. In addition, you must have extensive knowledge of the industry or business sector where the company competes.

A sales executive is not a salesperson

Indeed, a sales executive is not simply a salesperson, but is in charge of the group of salespeople who work for a company. For that reason, he must give the indications for the group of salespeople to work and reach the sales objectives. He is responsible for the work of the sales team.

Of course, when important issues arise, the sales executive accompanies his employee or salesperson to visit clients. This, in order not to lose customers or not lose a negotiation. Additionally, you must know the sales portfolio and the accounts of all customers. Thus, the moment there is a problem, you can take charge and offer a favorable solution.

Sales executive functions

The main functions performed by a sales executive are:

  • Plan the sales strategies that the company or corporation will implement.
  • Optimize the sales result to increase the company’s income.
  • Carry out the negotiation of the conditions and terms of the contracts. To do this, you must establish contact with clients, especially important clients.
  • Track sales quota results. This, in order to compare the results achieved and expected. Also, to make adjustments if they are necessary to achieve the objectives.
  • Get involved and participate in marketing activities, in order to better advise and support the marketing of the goods and services offered by the company.
  • Assist and support in the pre-sale and post-sale processes. This will help you have a better relationship with your customers. The purpose is to understand them and give them an answer to their problems.

Sales executive responsibilities

The responsibilities that a sales executive has within the company are:

1. Prepare market research and planning

First, you need to do a market study. This will especially help you to detect unmet customer needs. To do this, you must assess the customer’s needs and prioritize them. In this way, you will be able to identify better business opportunities and plan your sales strategies.

2. Listen to the customer

Second, the sales executive must maintain regular and ongoing contact with customers. Only in this way will you be able to know their wants and needs. This, in order to provide better solutions and negotiations.

3. Submit reports

Third, you must submit product and results reports. Of the products, so that the customer has a clear idea of ​​what is being sold. Likewise, for the company because it needs to monitor results, because the level of its income and profits will depend on it.

4. Motivate and supervise the work of salespeople

Finally, you must motivate the sales force to achieve sales quotas. In addition, you must monitor your performance to evaluate the results. This will help you make planning improvements.

Sales Executive 1
sales executive

What should the sales executive know?

On the other hand, every sales executive must have knowledge of strategies that help increase sales, as well as a command of business administration and the marketing area. In addition, technical knowledge about the goods and services that the company sells is required.

Also, you have to know how to handle groups and negotiation techniques, since you will continually have to carry out meetings and negotiation processes with the company’s clients. If you are dealing with international clients, you must be fluent in other languages. Sales executives must be assertive and have excellent communication skills.

Types of sales executives

According to the level of responsibility assigned, we find the following types of sellers:

1. Local

Of course, the local sales executive is in charge of the sales department of a city, town or municipality. Generally, you are in charge of multiple salespeople who follow your prompts to strategize and achieve goals.

2. Regional

Similarly, the regional sales executive is in charge of sales for a company in a region or set of provinces. Likewise, you have to manage the assigned sales force.

3. International

For his part, the international executive assumes the responsibility of managing the sales team that markets the company’s goods and services in the international market. It can be to another country or to other countries.

Sales Executive 2
sales executive

In conclusion, we can affirm that the sales executive plays a very important role for any company, since he must put into practice all his abilities and skills to achieve that the sales team reaches the proposed objectives.