Procedural action

The procedural action is the means to prosecute a conflict. In this sense, it is the basis of the lawsuits that initiate the judicial processes. … Read more

Privileged action

A privileged share is a share that gives the shareholder a privilege, whether economic or political, over ordinary shares . Privileged stocks have characteristics that … Read more

Preferred share

The preferred share is a share that confers on its holder an extra privilege, generally of an economic nature, with respect to what we commonly … Read more

Possessive action

The possessory action is a legal instrument that allows a natural or legal person to claim possession of a thing against a third party who … Read more

Criminal action

The criminal action is the instrument in law that must be exercised to initiate a judicial process in the criminal jurisdiction. When a natural or … Read more

Paulian action

The Paulian action consists of the claim granted to the creditor to challenge acts of his debtor who intends not to pay his debt. This … Read more

Ordinary share

An ordinary share is a share that can be traded on the market and that represents a proportional part of the capital stock of a … Read more

Negative action

The negative action is the instrument available to the owner of a property right so that his property is not disturbed. This action is within … Read more

Outstanding shares

Outstanding shares are those ordinary shares that a company has issued, minus those that have been repurchased by it. That is, they will be those … Read more

Gold stock

The gold stock or golden stock it is a kind of action. This gives its holder the possibility of making certain political decisions of a … Read more