Single European Act

Signed in 1986, the Single European Act is a European treaty that came into operation in 1987. This treaty laid the foundations for what would … Read more

Tax Inspection Act

A tax inspection certificate is a document that shows the results and conclusions of a tax investigation. The tax inspection certificate is issued by the … Read more

Administrative act

An administrative act is a document issued by a company aimed at notifying one of its employees of a lack or non-compliance in an official … Read more

Preferred creditor

The preferred or privileged creditor is the one who has a greater right to collection. This, in case the debtor suspends payments or announces its … Read more

Pawn creditor

A pledge creditor is that type of creditor that requires the delivery of an asset, as a pledge, by the debtor. This good, therefore, is … Read more

Secured creditor

The secured creditor is a natural or legal person whose right to collection is backed by a guarantee. This can be, for example, a mortgaged … Read more


A creditor is a person, natural or legal, who has delivered a credit or a material good to another person ( debtor ) and expects … Read more

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is a set of bad practices carried out by colleagues or superiors towards a worker. This affects the harassed individual, reducing their productivity. … Read more


Gathering is the action of accumulating a large quantity of something, particularly provisions or provisions. This, with the aim of later distributing them, either with … Read more

Letter acceptance

The acceptance of the bill of exchange is the recognition of the commitment contained in said document by the debtor. This, by signing or writing … Read more

Bank acceptance

Bank acceptance is a short-term loan made to exporters or importers in order to facilitate international trade. It consists of a letter of credit that … Read more


Acceptance is an attitude focused on accepting situations that cannot be changed. There are experiences or situations that have no solution and that are not … Read more