The shareholder is the agent who owns shares (aliquots of capital) in any company or business form. The shareholder can be a natural person, as … Read more

Portfolio shares

Portfolio shares are shares within the capital stock of a company that were acquired by a natural or legal person. Thus, they became part of … Read more

Authorized Actions

Authorized shares are the maximum number of shares that a company can issue. The shareholding of a company can change a lot throughout its life … Read more


The shareholders are the group of shareholders of an organization or company. The group of people or economic agents who own shares or shares of … Read more

Old stock

An old share is one that has already been subscribed and can be bought on the market. This action grants its owner all those rights … Read more

Subscribed share

A subscribed share is a type of share that has been acquired by a partner of a company and for which it has agreed to … Read more

Subrogatory action

The subrogatory action is the judicial claim of a creditor who seeks to replace his debtor in his own credits, so that he increases his … Read more

Syndicated share

A syndicated share is a type of share linked to an agreement that prevents its free transmission without prior agreement between the other shareholders. One … Read more

Redeemable action

A redeemable share is one that can be redeemed or redeemed, at the request of the holders of the shares (shareholders), the issuing entity or … Read more

Claim action

The claim action is the legal means available to the owner, to recover the property owned by a third party without legitimate rights. This legal … Read more

Public action

The public action is the legal instrument by which a person can claim before a judge the possession of a thing even if he cannot … Read more