Emotional marketing

Emotional marketing is that discipline whose sales strategies for a product or service are focused on connecting with the public at a communicational level. In … Read more

Educational marketing

Educational marketing aims to convey to the public or society the lines of work that are being developed in educational centers and institutions. The objective … Read more

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is the periodic sending of personalized communications by a company to each of its clients. These communications are directed to a preselected audience, … Read more

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is all kinds of sales strategy for a product or service that a company, brand or individual carries out in a market in … Read more

Sports marketing

Sports marketing is a type of marketing that seeks to attract customers and enhance the brand image through advertising actions in the world of sports. … Read more

Marketing Service

Service marketing is the form of marketing that, as the name suggests, focuses on services as a specific type of product. Through the creation of … Read more

Health marketing

Health marketing is a marketing specialization oriented to the health sector that is used to analyze and present information related to medicine, advances in health … Read more

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a type of advertising strategy focused on the practice of resources and techniques based on imagination and ingenuity. Through the use of … Read more

Destination Marketing

Destination marketing is using marketing techniques and tools to promote and position places as attractive destinations. In other words, destination marketing is one that seeks … Read more

Account Marketing

Account marketing is that focused on carrying out marketing activities with frequent accounts or clients that make up a portfolio. Therefore, it is based on … Read more

Content marketing

Content marketing is the communication strategy carried out by a company or entity to give value to its brand, differentiate itself from the competition and … Read more

Word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is an advertising technique whose mission is to generate notoriety for a product or brand. It is intended to get people … Read more