Management by Objectives

Management by objectives is defined as the business strategy in which all the employees and managers of a company work in order to achieve the … Read more

Modern administration

Modern administration is the process of applying best practices based on new practices and approaches that allow a better adaptation to the changes that are … Read more

Mixed administration

The mixed administration is one that is in charge of the management of both public and private capital. It includes all those organizations that are … Read more

Logistics administration

Logistics management is the set of operations and strategies that a company must implement. This, to efficiently carry your goods to the end customer. That … Read more

Financial administration

Financial management is the discipline that deals with the management of a company’s financial resources, paying attention to its profitability and liquidity. Financial management, in … Read more

Time management

Time management is the series of mechanisms that an organization has when it comes to defining, efficiently, its processes. To do this, it takes into … Read more

Sales administration

The sales administration is all the procedures, decisions, actions of supervision and control, auditing and evaluation that take place in the company and that are … Read more

Project management

Project management is the methodology by which it is possible to efficiently use the resources available to a certain project. Through project management, it is … Read more

Operative administration

Operations management consists of planning, directing, organizing and controlling the company’s production processes in order to create value. In this way, through this management activity, … Read more

Supply chain management

Supply chain management refers to making decisions about the design, planning, and operation of the supply chain. All these actions are decisive to make a … Read more

Business Administration

Business administration is an organizational method and practice based on the management of mercantile companies with the aim of taking them to their greatest possible … Read more

Bankruptcy administration

The bankruptcy administration is an entity with the power to intervene in a debtor company. Thus, it controls and supervises it in the framework of … Read more