A misdemeanor is a minor offense thus typified in criminal law due to its low harmfulness to a legal asset and with a very low … Read more

False autonomous

The false self-employed are listed in the Social Security Self-Employed Regime. However, despite being registered as self-employed, they work for another company, following its instructions. … Read more


Counterfeiting is the act and product of the adulteration of a good or information. This can respond to different reasons, such as obtaining a financial … Read more

Documentary falsehood

Document falsification is a crime included in the Penal Code that consists in the alteration of private, public, commercial and official documents. In other words, … Read more

State ruling

A failure of the State is, in economics, an inefficiency that occurs in the economy caused by the action of the State through intervention. The … Read more

Market failure

A market failure or failure is a situation that occurs when the market is unable to allocate resources efficiently. In economics, the price system of … Read more


Within the socialist and communist theoretical sphere, this concept exists as a perfect egalitarian community model, in which production and consumption are carried out by … Read more


A fallacy is an argument that appears to be valid, but really is not. Fallacy, etymologically, is a term that comes from the Latin fallacia … Read more

Fake news

Fake news, also known as fake news, is information lacking in veracity that aims to reach a large number of people and generate disinformation. Hoaxes … Read more

Financial Fair Play

The Financial Fair Play, or Financial Fair Play, encompasses a series of measures taken by UEFA (Union of European Football Association) for the transfer market … Read more


An invoice is a commercial document that reflects the sale of a good or the provision of a specific service. In other words, it is … Read more

Non-recourse factoring

Non-recourse factoring is a form of factoring. In this, companies no longer have the risk of non-payment of assigned invoices. That is, in non-recourse factoring, … Read more