Mortgage credit

Mortgage credit is a type of credit that is backed by a mortgage guarantee. That is, if the debtor of the loan could not pay … Read more

Letter of credit

The documentary credit is a banking operation in which the seller (usually an exporter) ensures the collection of the merchandise thanks to a bank guarantee … Read more

Deferred credit

Deferred credit is a payment that has been received in advance and for which a good or service must be delivered in the future. In … Read more

Supplier credit

Supplier credit is a non-bank financing modality in companies. It consists of acquiring the raw material necessary for the production process, assuming a commitment to … Read more

Commercial credit

A commercial credit is a deferral of the payment of goods or services that a company grants to its customers. Therefore, it is nothing more … Read more

Soft credit

Soft credit is a type of credit in which the lender offers very favorable conditions to the borrower. The favorable conditions enjoyed by the borrower … Read more

Bank credit

A bank loan is the monetary amount that a financial institution makes available to its client, individual or company, agreeing on conditions for the return … Read more

Credit to the market

Market credit is a system used in the Spanish stock exchanges to finance the transaction of shares in the stock market. The market credit grants … Read more

Consumer credit

Consumer credit is a type of personal loan, with an economic minimum, intended for the acquisition of a good or service and granted by the … Read more


A loan is a financing operation where a person called a ‘creditor’ (normally a financial institution), lends a certain monetary figure to another, called a … Read more

Credit Default Swaps (CDS)

A Credit Default Swap or CDS in English) is a financial derivative that allows to cover the risk of non-payment of a financial asset . They are bilateral contracts that transfer … Read more

Credit crunch

Credit Crunch is a credit contraction resulting from a financial crisis where a severe restriction on credit is imposed by banks or by the tightening … Read more