Relational marketing

Relationship marketing is a type of business strategy that aims to generate close and profitable relationships with customers. To put it into practice, it is … Read more

Political marketing

Political marketing is all the research, planning and communication strategies used in the design of a political campaign. Political marketing was born in the middle … Read more

Operational Marketing

Operational marketing is the strategy that is responsible for executing sales actions and tactics with the aim of making potential buyers aware of the characteristics … Read more

Marketing mix

The marketing mix is ​​a strategy focused on the internal aspect of a company and used to analyze some basic aspects of its activity. This … Read more

Mass marketing

Mass marketing is a discipline aimed at creating marketing strategies aimed at the widest possible audience and without attending to the parameters of market segmentation. … Read more

Interactive marketing

Interactive marketing is the use of techniques and practices aimed at creating interactions that generate valuable experiences between companies and their target audience. That is, … Read more

Wireless marketing

Wireless marketing is the sum of practices from the point of view of marketing carried out by companies using wireless networks and a large number … Read more

Global marketing

Global or international marketing is a discipline based on a sales strategy designed for a product or service within a single world market, which in … Read more

Generational marketing

Generational marketing is the marketing approach that targets a specific generation. This, taking into account the preferences, attitudes and behavior that differentiate one generation from … Read more

Financial marketing

Financial marketing is a branch of marketing that is responsible for the study and positioning of banks, the image of these companies, the determination of … Read more

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing is a methodology based on the analysis and knowledge of the market whose main objective is to generate the detection of opportunities that … Read more

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing is a methodology for research, analysis and knowledge of the market whose final objective is to detect opportunities that help and facilitate the … Read more