Vinculated operations

Related-party transactions are those that are carried out between subjects that have some kind of relationship with each other, such as between a parent and … Read more

Main financing operations (MRO)

The main financing operations are the most important open market operations and represent the fundamental instrument of the Eurosystem’s monetary policy. They are temporary liquidity-giving … Read more

Structural operations

Structural operations are open market operations. These aim to adjust the structural liquidity position of the Eurosystem vis-à-vis the financial sector. Structural operations are, therefore, … Read more

Open market operations

Open market operations are all those operations for the purchase and sale of financial assets carried out by a central bank. They are the most … Read more

Adjustment operations

Fine-tuning operations are open market operations, the specific purpose of which is to regulate the liquidity situation in the market. As well as, controlling the … Read more

Operations with events

Operations with events are the union of events, the intersection of events, and the difference of events. Operations with events are a fundamental part of … Read more

Matrix operations

Matrix operations are addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. First of all, it is worth mentioning what a matrix is. A matrix is ​​a rectangular shape … Read more

Financial operation

A financial operation is any non-simultaneous exchange of financial capital agreed between the lender and the borrower provided that the equivalence is verified, based on … Read more

Stock trading

A stock exchange is the exchange of a security in the stock market. Said exchange takes place between the offeror and the applicant with the … Read more

White operation

A white transaction is known as one in which the shareholder attends a capital increase exercising only part of their rights and selling the rest … Read more