Black Monday

Black Monday (by its name in English, Black Monday) was a drastic fall that the US Stock Market experienced. This owes its name to what … Read more


The Vietcong or National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam was a communist political and military organization that fought against the South Vietnamese regime and … Read more

Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution (1910) began as an uprising against General Porfirio Díaz. However, the insurrection ended up leading to a prolonged civil war in Mexico … Read more

Hundred Years War

Framed in the late Middle Ages, the Hundred Years War was fought between France and England. Despite its name, the war combined periods of truce … Read more

War of Independence

The Spanish War of Independence took place between 1808 and 1814. Under the pretext of invading Portugal, Napoleon’s French troops entered Spain. Thus, Napoleon appointed … Read more

Alfred Marshall

The British Alfred Marshall (1842-1924) was a prominent economist considered to be the founder of the neoclassical school. A versatile man, he developed his career … Read more

Great Recession of 2008

The Great Recession is the name given to the period of economic crisis that originated in the 2008 mortgage bubble. This had repercussions on the … Read more

Black tuesday

Black Tuesday was October 29, 1929, the day there was a 12% drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This index measures the performance of … Read more

History of technology

The history of technology consists of the set of relevant facts and events that are collected in the technological field. In other words, it is … Read more

Economy of the Roman Empire

The economy of the Roman Empire was characterized by agriculture and commerce as the main activities. In exchange for owning and exploiting the land, the … Read more

Karl Polanyi

Karl Polanyi was an Austrian social scientist, known for the relationship he made between economic history and anthropological-sociological theory, for the explanation of changes in … Read more

Neolithic economy

The Neolithic economy (last stage of prehistory) is characterized by a sedentary population, by the development of the first agricultural techniques, the domestication of the … Read more