Economics of the Modern Age

The economy of the Modern Age developed between the 15th and 17th centuries. It is characterized by agriculture, as the main economic activity, the emergence … Read more

Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim is a Mexican businessman of recognized international prestige. Its business group enjoys a dominant position in the field of telecommunications. Born in Mexico … Read more

Jeff bezos

American Jeff Bezos is the founder of the Amazon company and one of the most reputable entrepreneurs in the world. Jeff Bezos, whose full name … Read more

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is a prominent businessman and politician. He is known worldwide for the founding of the informational corporation, which bears his name, Bloomberg LP … Read more

Cognitive revolution

The cognitive revolution is the stage that involves the change from behaviorism to cognitivism. This generated a transformation in the paradigm of psychology in the … Read more

Bernard Madoff

American Bernard Madoff (1938-2021) was a well-known Wall Street investor and financier. Despite being in charge of one of the most important investment firms in … Read more

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) was a Russian communist politician and revolutionary. Of Marxist thought, his contributions to the political thought of Marx received the name of … Read more

Iron age

The Iron Age began around 1,200 BC. This historical period is framed in the Age of Metals, in prehistory. Its name is due to the … Read more

Economy of the Ancient Age

The economy of the Ancient Age (4,000 BC-V century AD) had agriculture as its main activity. Although, initially, self-sufficiency was sought, later barter would emerge. … Read more

Parallel lines

Parallel lines are those that do not have any points in common. Another way to explain it is that they are equidistant, that is, they … Read more


The Internet is a network that allows computers to connect through protocols called TCP / IP. The Internet took its first steps in 1969 through … Read more


A debate is an act of communication that consists of the direct confrontation of two or more people around any matter or object. A debate … Read more