Order of the day

The agenda is the set of topics that will be discussed in a meeting. Usually, it refers to the work agendas of State institutions, such as Parliament.

Order of the day

That is, the order of the day is the list of matters that will be discussed in an assembly or board.

Difference between agenda and agenda

Before continuing, it is worth highlighting the difference between the agenda and the agenda, as they are not the same and are often easily confused.

In Spanish, "the order of the day" is used to refer to the list of issues that will be discussed in a meeting.

For its part, "the order of the day" will be used to refer to the list of chores that is read in the morning in the military barracks.

Therefore, this important nuance should be noted, since we could easily get confused.

Example of agenda

For example, it may be that the institution that represents the Legislative Power (Congress or Parliament) places the debate of five bills on its agenda. These will then be discussed and then put to a vote by the parliamentarians.

This agenda must respond to the most urgent issues. For example, at the juncture of a health crisis, priority should be given to the debate regarding the measures that can be taken in relation to the health sector.

Likewise, there are deadlines established by law. For example, Congress may have a deadline to approve the public budget for next year. So, you need to prioritize that point.

It is worth noting that the agenda of a Parliament is usually defined by its board of directors. That is, by the parliamentarians who have been chosen to preside over the legislative body. This, of course, may have its own procedures depending on the political system of each country.

Similarly, it can refer to the agenda at the meeting of an executive branch, such as the Council of Ministers.

The agenda in a meeting

It should be noted that in any formal meeting, of a private institution, for example, or a company, there is also an agenda.

In other words, the meeting has an itinerary that marks the topics to be discussed by the board of directors or the members of the meeting at that appointment, and which is called that.

So we are talking about a concept widely used in the world of economics and business. Specifically, to refer to that itinerary that will govern the meeting in relation to the topics to be discussed in it.

The agenda in commercial law

In commercial law, this concept refers to the list of issues to be addressed by the corresponding body of a capital company (type of commercial company where the partners limit their liability, such as a public limited company or limited liability company) .

In the case of the general meeting, it indicates those matters for which resolutions can be validly adopted.

The order of the day in the army

In the militia or army, it refers, as we mentioned at the beginning, to the mandate that is given daily to said army or troop. This, indicating the activities to be carried out and other relevant information.

In that case, it could be given the night before for activities to be carried out the next day.