Order letter

An order letter is a commercial document that serves as proof of the commitment accepted between two parties at the time of carrying out a sale operation.

Order letter

That is to say, it is a document used by commercial stores, establishments and companies to make a formal request for materials, tools, goods or services.

Above all, the order letter usually contains the list of goods that the company requires to be shipped. For each merchandise ordered, the quantity, size and price must be indicated.

Additionally, it must contain the conditions, the form and the time of payment, the delivery commitment times, the means of transport that will be used to send it, the address of the destination of the order and the corresponding signatures.

Order Letter 1
Order letter

Why is the order letter important?

Undoubtedly, the letter of request is a common and above all very efficient means of formal communication used by companies. It is called an order letter, precisely because the company uses it to request delivery of the goods and services it needs in a timely manner. This document gives a formal character to the negotiation of the sale process.

Typically, a request letter is used when a company does not have a printed order form or because it believes it would be more beneficial to use a more personal form of communication such as the letter. But, it is important that the wording is as clear and precise as possible to avoid mistakes and confusion.

What aspects should be taken into account when writing an order letter?

The order letter is used with the objective of requesting materials, tools, goods and services from a company that needs them. For that reason, it is essential to consider the following points:

1. Importance of the product for the issuer

To begin with, the issuer of the letter knows that the wording of the entire document revolves around the product. Therefore, it is necessary that the person who writes the letter already knows in advance all the characteristics of the product requested. Therefore, you can proceed directly to writing and issuing the letter. Also, it must be clarified that the issuer of the letter is the buyer.

2. The company receiving the order letter

On the other hand, the organization or company that receives the letter becomes the seller or supplier of the product. Generally, the issuer of the letter already knows who will be the person responsible for handling the request. Therefore, the writing of the document can be done with a certain level of closeness and confidence.

3. Important data

Of course, the letter of request must be written clearly, brief, specific and complete to avoid errors. The letter must detail all the conditions of the process of the sale and purchase operation.

The important information that the order letter must contain are:

  • Order number
  • Catalog number
  • Description of items and services
  • Way to pay
  • Method of delivery
  • Deadline
  • Address or delivery address
Order Letter 2
Order letter

Parts to be included in the order letter

The most important parts that the order letter should carry are:

1. Header

First of all, in the header you can place the letterhead of the company issuing the document, the place and date of issuance of the letter, as well as the name of the recipient company. Also, it can be addressed to a person responsible for the receiving company.

2. Greeting

Then comes the greeting. The greeting of the letter must have a formal tone as required by the letter document, but at the same time it must be with a friendly treatment. This, considering that there is a good relationship between the buying and selling company, since the terms of the negotiation have already been carried out.

3. Introduction

Then, in the introduction part, a brief introduction should be made of the sender of the letter. It can be a person, an organization or a company.

4. Body

Next, the body of the letter should contain the list of goods and services requested. To make it easier to understand, it is recommended that it be done vertically and in good detail. Otherwise, it can be confusing and mistakes can be made when ordering.

5. Confirmation

Subsequently, the confirmation is a very important part because it guarantees all the details and conditions of the order. These details are prices, payment method, delivery time and means of transport that will be used for the shipment.

6. Annexes

Finally, any important aspect that is considered necessary should be placed in the annexes. It could be changes of address to receive the product, changes in schedules and any other detail that is important.

In conclusion, it can be said that an order letter is a document that is used by companies to request the goods or services they need. Generally, it is used when the company does not have a standardized document to place orders or to establish a personalized relationship with the receiving company. It must be written in a clear, brief and precise way to avoid errors in the orders.