Online advertising

Online advertising is a marketing strategy that uses the internet as a means of communication to spread advertising messages.

Online advertising

It is important to note that online advertising sends advertising messages to the potential customers of a certain advertiser.

Since, this means of communication allows obtaining sufficient information from users. In addition, messages can be targeted in a personalized way because it is possible to make them match the preferences and interests of the visitors.

Above all, this type of advertising uses interactive media to achieve more effective communication messages. You can use the web, social media, email, and any other virtual platform.

Types of online advertising

Among some of the most used forms in online advertising we find:

1. Banner

To begin with, a banner is an advertisement represented by a graphic image that is inserted into a web page. The purpose of a banner is to make a good or service known to the target audience. In addition, to attract a greater number of visits to the advertiser’s site.

Without a doubt, the banner is one of the oldest formats used on the web. They were standardized in 1996. It must be designed in a way that attracts attention and efficiently communicates the message. The most modern banners have animations and sounds. This makes them more attractive.

2. Email marketing

Generally, it is used to send messages via email to users who have requested information about a product. This communication is maintained on a regular basis with the user. However, it requires the consent of the recipient to be able to send the messages. Otherwise they are simply deleted or sent to spam.

Indeed, it is a very effective and flexible online advertising medium. Since it can be adapted according to the needs of the users. For that reason, it is widely used.

3. SEM or search engine advertising

Similarly, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertising is used to position a brand in search engines. These are usually paid ads on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Fundamentally, this advertising makes brands more visible and only targets a target audience that meets certain characteristics. This is accomplished quickly and efficiently. The company pays to appear in the first results when searches are made, especially on Google. The company only pays if the visitor clicks on the ad.

4. Advertising on social networks and online platforms

Of course, this advertising can be presented in different ways. From advertisements on the wall, to sponsored links that normally appear on the right side of the screen. Also, it can appear at the top where the keyword search is done. Likewise, there may be advertising content or as a form of publication.

The most used networks and platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among some of the most important. The company can advertise its profile and make publications. This medium helps to obtain important data and information from the user. It is a very personalized type of advertising, therefore it is very effective.

5. Pop Up

For its part, Pop Up appears on the screen of browsers as a form of independent window or on the content of the site. For that reason, they can be annoying for Internet users. Sometimes because they are difficult to close and in others because of the amount of space they cover. It is convenient that they are used mostly to invite users to visit the advertiser’s sites. So it’s not so invasive.

6. Mobile advertising

Naturally, this type of advertising is adapted to the use of mobile phones.

Therefore, the ads are smaller, easier to handle and above all less annoying than Pop Ups. Without a doubt, the telephone is one of the most used devices. Therefore, these messages reach the user immediately and have high open rates.

7. Advertising on a third party’s blog or website

Also, it is called native advertising. The company must buy these spaces to advertise. These messages appear in posts that go online on third-party blogs or websites.

For that reason, it seems as if it is part of the same article. But it really is not like that, it is an advertisement paid by the advertiser.

8. Video advertising

Then we find video advertising. These are the advertising messages that appear to users before they watch a video. Especially on sites like YouTube or Vimeo, they are ads that have the dynamism of the ads that are made on television.

Likewise, they have the advantage that you can have better control over their effectiveness.

Online Advertising 1
Types of online advertising

Benefits of online advertising

The main benefits of online advertising are:

  • It allows a better segmentation of the target audience.
  • There is a greater degree of interaction and direct contact with the user.
  • Greater customer loyalty is achieved through the incentives and promotions system used.
  • A high degree of affinity with the target audience is achieved and specific niches can be reached.
  • Unlimited creative possibilities are generated.
  • They are innovative and flexible media.
  • Its implementation is very fast, because the contact with the user is instantaneous.
  • Its cost is affordable and feasible for most companies.
  • The formats are easy to modify and adapt.
  • Results can be measured quickly and fairly accurately.
Online Advertising 2
Online advertising

In conclusion, it can be said that online advertising is an easy and effective way to invest for any type of company. Since, it allows to carry out a better segmentation process and to have more affinity with the interests of the target group. In addition, it is easier to measure the results and, in general, it is a very economical investment. It has the additional advantage that the user is available 24 hours a day.