Nestlé mission and vision

Nestlé’s mission and vision are aimed at achieving an improvement in people’s quality of life. This, according to the company, through the delivery of nutritious and healthy food.

Nestlé mission and vision

First of all, we will say that the Nestlé company claims that it operates successfully in the world market by working on three fundamental aspects. The first is the emphasis it places on promoting the health of its consumers. The second is the improvement of people’s quality of life. While the third aspect is to ensure that these benefits are extended to all communities in the world.

Of course, by working with these elements, the company aspires to be the world leader in the food industry.

Nestlé mission

Nestlé’s global mission statement is as follows:

“Inspired by the scientific advances of our founder, Henri Nestlé, guided by our values ​​and with nutrition at the center, we work together with our collaborators to improve the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future, for individuals and families, for our communities and for the planet ”.

It is important to mention that Nestlé is the largest food company in the world. In addition, it is the company that claims to offer the largest amount of nutritious food and beverages in the world. It has been in business for 155 years, since it was founded by Henri Nestlé in 1866. Since its inception it has been characterized by stating that it seeks excellence in the quality of its products.

Nestlé vision

Nestlé’s vision is stated as follows:

"As the world’s leading food company, the company’s efforts are aimed at always being at the forefront of the food industry."

To achieve its goal of being a world leader in the food industry, Nestlé claims that it invests a large amount of financial capital in research and development. Thus, the firm maintains, it has a strong presence in the market, since its products are marketed in 130 countries around the world.

Certainly, another interesting fact about the company is that it has a high impact on the global labor market. This, since it reports that it hires more or less 250,000 workers of different nationalities from the countries where the company has its investments. It also has a high scope in terms of its production capacity, since it manufactures about 10,000 different products, reaching 1 billion products sold in a single day, according to company data.

All this reflects, according to the corporation, a predominance in the competitive environment of the world food market, focusing primarily on nutrition, health and well-being of people.

Nestlé mission analysis

In the analysis of Nestlé’s mission, the following fundamental aspects can be highlighted:

1. Focus on the consumer

First of all, one of the fundamental aspects of Nestlé’s mission is the great importance it claims to place on its consumers. The company claims that it strives to provide its consumers with food and beverages that meet the highest quality standards, so that they are safe to consume and highly nutritious.

To this end, according to Nestlé, they hope to offer products that are healthy and additionally the most delicious options they can find. This, without losing sight of the well-being and nutrition of its consumers.

In other words, in a nutshell, the company claims to focus on providing its consumers with a good diet and, as a result, a good life.

2. Assessment of human resources

Second, the company claims to value its human resource. It expects all of its employees to make a commitment to work consistently with the purposes of the organization. For this reason, the firm assures, it tries to ensure that its employees work in a safe and healthy environment, maintaining a work environment based on respect for the person and harmonious labor relations. Its employees, according to Nestlé, make a difference and give the company a competitive advantage.

3. Commitment to the environment

Third, according to the company, its presence in the economies of many countries around the world makes it commit to sustainable development. This objective is achieved, says the firm, giving great importance to its value chain, ensuring that its agricultural inputs are produced using sustainable agriculture practices, generating a sustainable way of life.

These good practices, Nestlé emphasizes, reveal a commitment to the environment. Thus, they would protect biodiversity, guaranteeing the conservation of natural resources and achieving the reduction of carbon emissions.

Nestle Mission And Vision 1
Nestlé mission and vision
Fundamental aspects of its mission

Nestlé vision analysis

The relevant aspects of Nestlé’s vision are:

1. Integrity of the company

The company says it maintains its leadership position because of the trust that consumers around the world place in it. This trust would be generated, according to the organization, especially by the quality and safety they find in their products. But, above all, because of the company’s ability to meet the needs of the public. This, adapting its products to the measure of each one of the consumers of the different countries in which it markets its products, highlights Nestlé.

Similarly, business integrity would also be appreciated by your employees. This, given that the company claims to respect the fundamental human rights of people. Additionally, it claims to respect the labor rights of all its employees. For this, the labor legislation in force in each of the countries it operates is governed and respected, says Nestlé.

3. Transparent interaction and communication

The Nestlé company would operate consistently with its vision statement. This, since it is considered a leading company in all the areas in which it competes. This would be achieved especially by the way in which it interacts with all interested parties.

In all the countries where it operates, it is characterized by its participation and responsible promotion with the parties with which it interacts, according to the firm. This is evidenced by the fact that its relationships with stakeholders are carried out in a transparent and responsible manner. This would confirm that the behavior of this company would be in accordance with the values ​​and principles that give life to its mission statement and vision.

Nestle Mission & Vision 2
Nestlé mission and vision
Fundamental aspects of your vision

In conclusion, we can say that Nestlé is considered the most important food and beverage company in the world. This positioning would be closely related to your mission and vision statement. Both seek to maintain the leadership of the company focused on health, quality of life and well-being of people, which they would have achieved by delivering products with the highest quality standards focused on the needs of consumers in the different countries of the world. world