Letter of recommendation

The recommendation letter is a document delivered to a person by his superior or a person in charge of an institution. This recognizes the skills, technical, personal and / or social of a person who is looking for, or a new job, or to promote, or to prove his experience and his worth.

Letter of recommendation

A recommendation letter is a document that, in addition to certifying the experience and period in which a person worked in a specific position, recommends it for its responsibility, professionalism, as well as other qualities that make it worthy of recognition.

However, although this is the most frequent letter of recommendation, we must know that there are other types, as we will see below. In other words, although the best-known letters of recommendation are those from the workplace, which are delivered to staff, there are other types.

In this sense, it can be a letter issued by a university that recognizes an excellent track record of a certain student. This letter of recommendation can help us find a job. In the same way that you can help us promote it, delivering it when we finish a master’s degree, for example.

In short, it is a document signed by a superior or by a responsible person in the workplace or another, an authorized voice, which is delivered to the person who requests it, be it company personnel or a student, for example. This document, therefore, collects the opinion of the person in charge, as well as of the institution, about the interested party. In general, pointing out, when writing the letter, those skills that lead him to be recommended for a certain activity or position.

Types of recommendation letter

A letter of recommendation, depending on the context in which it is presented, can be of one type or another.

For this reason, we are going to see, below, the main types of letters of recommendation:

  • Job recommendation letter : It is the best known. Recognizes the performance of an employee in a company, which is trying to get another job, or prove their skills.
  • Academic recommendation letter : Like the employment recommendation letter, it is issued by universities or educational institutions. This is so that the student can get a job, or promote in his company.
  • Letter of recommendation for a foreign language: It is becoming more and more widespread. It demonstrates the strengths of the employee in question, but does so in a foreign language. The recipient may be a foreign company.

In addition to these, which are the main ones, we can point out others, such as the following:

  • Of a judicial type.
  • Product recommendation letter.
  • Service recommendation letter.

Like the previous ones, they prove, by an authorized voice, certain characteristics.

The letter of recommendation as a professional reference

The recommendation letter allows a person to carry references in their professional portfolio.

At the same time, it facilitates the work of a human resources recruiter, since you can count on this document that certifies the worker’s experience, but also recommends it.

The evolution of the recommendation letter

Although the document has varied in the way it can be prepared or expressed, it has not changed its essence. It has gone from being a letter written in handwriting by a hierarchical superior, who signs and stamps the document, to being a digital letter, with email and telephone references.

In more professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, you can recommend a person in the "Recommend" option, and thus, when a recruiter enters to see the applicant’s LinkedIn profile, they will be able to see who has recommended them, or validated their skills .

What should a recommendation letter contain?

A recommendation letter should contain the following information:

  • Name and title of the person issuing the letter.
  • Name and title of the person recommended in the letter.
  • Functions performed in the company.
  • Technical, personal and social qualities to recommend.

It is important that the recommendation letter not only incorporates the personal and social aspects of the recommended person. In this sense, we should also incorporate professionals (or technical skills), as this will help to distinguish, in a better way, what is the professional strength of that person and, therefore, the recommendation will have a greater impact.

Recommendation letter template

Below is a template, a model letter of recommendation, which can be used to provide it to a manager, or a superior, who wishes to recommend us.


Real example of recommendation letter

«I, Pepe Varletta Cousiño, Head of the Investment Section of Banco XYZ, wish to recommend Juan Santibáñez González, who worked in this section of the bank, as Investment Executive, between May 2015 and April 2020.

I highlight him for his excellent personal and social skills in customer service, managing to significantly increase his client portfolio, and with it, the bank’s commercial results.

Carlos worked in this section, standing out for his ability to advise clients of the most diverse profiles and always delivering solutions to their investment problems. He also has extensive knowledge of financial markets, which positioned him as one of the executives with the best results.

I believe that you will surely have new professional challenges to face and you will do so with talent, discipline and dedication.

I extend this recommendation and leave my contact at your disposal, for those who wish to consult and hear from the first source the references that I have left in this letter.


Pepe Varletta Cousiño

Head of Investments Section

XYZ Bank

Contact: [email protected] +569 00 00 00 00 ″