Goal 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure (ODS)

Industry, innovation and infrastructure is an initiative aimed at reducing the gaps in technological use; in order to guarantee the inclusion of information and knowledge in the production process and to include news in products and services.

Goal 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure (ODS)

This objective aims to overcome the limitations of the population and companies through a comprehensive vision in order to increase their productivity and thus be competitive.

And it is scheduled to achieve its fulfillment in the year 2030.

Causes of lack of innovation and infrastructure

There are several situations in which an industry and innovation that is in line with the needs of the population is not achieved. They are mentioned below.

  • The lack of investment with a long-term vision has led to the lack of an opportunity for technological development.
  • Some creative and innovative minds prefer to seek opportunities in other countries where their talents are taken into account and valued through opportunities to earn a better income (brain drain).
  • The bureaucratic procedures for the registration of intellectual property discourage the development of new products.
  • The companies present a lack of development of new products, with the consequent lack of growth and, therefore, limits the generation of quality jobs.
  • The lack of industrial processes for agricultural production in regions of developing countries places them at a disadvantage compared to developed countries. This is because in many cases it makes them depend on imports to supplement their food needs.
  • The lack of public policies that support industrial growth means that it does not meet the needs of the population. This occurs not only in rural areas, but also in urban areas where there is a growing need for housing in surrounding areas. Therefore, growth in transportation infrastructure is necessary, as well as access to information and therefore to communications.

Importance of industry, innovation and infrastructure

It triggers an economic development, because it favors an increase in productivity and, therefore, in the competitiveness of the countries.

On the other hand and in a more detailed way, thanks to technological advances and the innovation derived from it; It is possible to find energy efficiency solutions, as well as job creation.

The production of renewable energy has great potential for growth and therefore as a generator of employment, which requires investment for innovation to be consolidated.

Actions to meet the objective

Promoting technological development, innovation and a quality, accessible and inclusive industry for the entire population is not an easy task, therefore it requires great efforts and the fulfillment of commitments. Some of them are listed below.

  • Access to infrastructure and scientific innovation in an inclusive, sustainable and quality way; through public investment.
  • Encourage private investment, so that there is an increase in investment in scientific innovation and technological advances.
  • Establish incentives for more people to dedicate themselves to innovation research and development as the predominant occupation, for every million inhabitants.
  • Generate an economic environment conducive to innovation.
  • Contribute to more small companies accessing a greater industrialization of their production and distribution processes. For this, it is necessary to facilitate the possibility of acquiring credits, according to the situation of each country, especially those that are developing.
  • Modernize the current infrastructure, so that it responds to the needs of production efficiently and respecting the environment, using energy from renewable resources.
  • Support the accessibility of more regions to the use of the internet, which implies investment in infrastructure, in areas and regions where there is none.
  • Promote the development of technologies in developing countries.