Goal 4. Quality education (ODS)

Quality education is an initiative focused on inclusion and accessibility to learning that prepare people of different ages to improve their quality of life.

Goal 4. Quality education (ODS)

With this objective, it is intended to guarantee access to education and improve the standard of living.

This objective is part of the Sustainable Development agenda (SDG) pursued by the United Nations Development Program . And it is scheduled to achieve its fulfillment in the year 2030.

Causes of a poor quality education

There are multiple factors that impact education, both internal and external; since it is associated with the situation they live, both students and teachers. The ones that have the greatest effect are listed below:

  • Armed conflicts increase the proportion of children who do not attend school.
  • Insufficient nutrition makes quality education impossible, since it limits the possibility of learning.
  • Child labor derived from the lack of sufficient family income, which prevents children from attending school.
  • The uses and customs that limit the opportunity for girls to access education.
  • The lack of quality training for teachers that is not in line with the needs of the labor market, which negatively affects the quality of education.
  • A low level of salaries for teachers, as well as a low level of social recognition in developing countries, compared to developed countries, prevents the existence of quality education.

Importance of a quality education

Quality education is essential for the entire population to have learning that allows them to:

  • Know your rights and obligations as a citizen.
  • Promote peace.
  • Know the cultural diversity.
  • Reduce the gap between genders, avoiding discrimination.
  • Health care benefits.

It is because of the above that a quality education is a driver of economic development. And it is that in addition to the above, individuals manage to have the necessary skills to access a job opportunity and even entrepreneurship.

Actions for a quality education

A characteristic of quality education is that it is inclusive, because it considers the entire population regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, children in situations of vulnerability, etc. Here are some of the tasks to achieve the objective:

  • Support programs that allow having educational facilities according to the needs of the students. For example, for people with disabilities, gender differences, etc. To promote safe, inclusive and violence-free training.
  • Expand scholarship programs to provide opportunities for students who lack the necessary resources to continue their studies and who have the potential to do so.
  • Promote scholarship programs in developing countries in higher education in the scientific, technological and engineering fields.
  • Increase the staff of qualified teachers through even international cooperation.