Difference between coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are two concepts in which the professional supports and guides people who want to achieve a series of emotional or professional goals.

Difference between coaching and mentoring

These two concepts can lead to confusion, believing that they are very similar, but are different in their implementation. To see the difference between coaching and mentoring, we are going to previously define the two concepts:

  • Coaching: It is a process in which a person is accompanied to achieve something in particular, but no answers are given but what it is about is that through this help the user finds the answers himself.
  • Mentoring: It is the relationship between a mentor, someone experienced and a student who guides, enriches with their experience and motivates to achieve their goals.

Difference between coaching and mentoring

The characteristics that best reflect the differences between coaching and mentoring are the following:

  • Coaching is focused on the objectives as a priority

For example, losing weight and having healthier habits.

The important thing is to develop a plan associated with objectives here to achieve it. Mentoring focuses on the professional relationship, but the emotional relationship has a very important part. The confidence that a mentor builds is essential for their students.

  • Coaching is usually punctual, long-lasting mentoring

The coaching sessions can be specific and it is not necessary that they last excessively in time, depending on the case, but a certain number of sessions can be approximated at the beginning.

In mentoring, they are long-lasting relationships that continue even after finishing work together. A greater and long emotional bond is created in time.

  • Coaching is short and medium term, and mentoring is long term

For example, when a coaching training is carried out in a company and you start from the first minute to put into practice the recommended guidelines, you will see those results in a more immediate time than the mentoring in which you work more individually and with a greater extension in time.

  • The learning method is different in coaching and mentoring

In coaching, it is the client who finds their answers as the process progresses. In mentoring this is not the case, since the experiences, ideas and guidelines of the mentor are shared with the student from the beginning.

Coaching And Mentoring