Debit account

A debit account is the entry of an amount of money in the debit of a bank account. This means a decrease in the balance … Read more

SEPA direct debit

It is called SEPA direct debit to a pan-European system also known as Direct debit that allows direct debit and debit of receipts with the … Read more

Adam smith

Adam Smith is one of the most famous economists in history and is considered the father of modern economics. In his economic theories he combines … Read more

Capital accumulation

The accumulation of capital refers to the accumulation of capital goods, financial capital and human capital. One of the first economists to refer to the … Read more

Safeguard agreements

Safeguard agreements are a series of emergency measures that countries can adopt in emergency situations in which their companies are harmed by international business practices … Read more

International agreements

International agreements are the agreements entered into between countries. That is, create wills between two or more countries with a common goal. In an international … Read more

Safeguard agreements

Safeguard agreements are contracts that prevent a group of shareholders from acquiring a significant package of shares in a company, usually over a period of … Read more

Company agreements

Company agreements are a manifestation of the right to collective bargaining. They are agreements signed, within the scope of the company, between the representatives of … Read more

Bretton Woods Accords

The Bretton Woods agreements refer to the decisions taken at the convention that in July 1944 brought together 44 countries in order to establish a … Read more

Basel Accords

The Basel Accords are a series of guidelines drawn up by the Basel Committee at the end of 1974, formed by the governors of the … Read more

Preferential agreement

A preferential agreement consists of a mutual tariff reduction pact between two or more countries. That is, a country reduces one or more tariffs to … Read more

Framework agreement

A framework agreement consists of the prior presentation of a series of conditions that will be common to all contracts based on said framework agreement. … Read more