Outstanding shares

Outstanding shares are those ordinary shares that a company has issued, minus those that have been repurchased by it. That is, they will be those … Read more

Gold stock

The gold stock or golden stock it is a kind of action. This gives its holder the possibility of making certain political decisions of a … Read more

Action of enjoyment

An enjoyment share is a type of share that grants the right to its owner to receive a part of the profits once the dividends … Read more

Convertible stock

Convertible shares are shares which, as their name indicates, have the main characteristic that they can be altered, changing their original properties. They have the ability … Read more

Contentious-administrative action

This contentious-administrative action is the instrument intended to initiate a process in the administrative jurisdiction, that is, to have a lawsuit with the Public Administration. … Read more

Premium action

A premium share is a new share of a company that is issued at a price higher than par value. It is used in some … Read more

Civil action

Civil action is the right recognized as the means that gives access to a person to initiate a procedure in a civil court. In other … Read more

Bank action

A bank share is a financial asset that represents a part of the capital stock of a bank. The owner of a bank share owns … Read more

Bearer share

Action at the carrier is one where the owner is who owns the physically title. And therefore, there is no name of the owner in … Read more


A share is a financial asset that represents an aliquot part of the capital stock of a public limited company (SA). When acquiring shares, rights … Read more

Work accident

The work accident is that contingency that a person suffers in the performance of their work, or as a consequence of it. In other words, … Read more