A schedule is a graphic tool that presents a detail of the activities that must be developed in the established times, at the time a … Read more

Investment criteria

Investment criteria are the rules by which an investor bases his investment decisions. While it is true that there is no perfect theory regarding the … Read more

Divisibility criteria

The divisibility criteria are those conditions that a number must meet to reach the conclusion that it is divisible by another, without leaving any remainder. … Read more

Convergence criteria

The convergence criteria are the conditions to which the member states of the Eurozone must adhere. The stability of prices, the financial direction of the … Read more

Cash criteria

The cash criterion, also known as the special cash criterion regime (RECC) is, as its name suggests, a special voluntary VAT regime, which can be … Read more

Vodka Crisis

Crisis Vodka was the name given to the Russian financial crisis of 1998 in the wake of the collapse in the price of commodities and … Read more

Tequila Crisis

Crisis Tequila was the name given to the Mexican currency crisis in 1994. Caused by the sharp depreciation of the Mexican peso and the lack … Read more

Subprime crisis

The subprime crisis was a financial crisis that occurred in the world economy in 2008. It originated in the United States, but quickly spread to … Read more

Systemic crisis

A systemic crisis is the collapse of the system as a result of a chain reaction of negative consequences that affect a large number of … Read more

Political crisis

A political crisis is an adverse situation, which happens suddenly, and which puts the government and the institutions that are affected in a negative situation. … Read more