Heritage mass

An asset mass is a grouping of homogeneous economic and financial elements. That is, a group of goods, rights or obligations that have similar characteristics, … Read more


Marxism-Leninism is the type of communism resulting from Lenin’s revision of the postulates of Marxist thought. It thus shaped the ideological identity of the Soviet … Read more

Humanist Marxism

Humanist Marxism is a branch of thought – a current of thought – Marxist. Thus, it focuses on the reading of the first writings of … Read more


Marxism is the set of doctrines derived from the work of Karl Marx, a German philosopher and journalist, and his partner Friedrich Engels, who helped … Read more


The martingale is an investment strategy that consists of betting on the total lost with the intention of recovering it. Applying the martingale, each time … Read more

Martin de Azpilcueta

Martín de Azpilcueta was a well-known Spanish theologian and canonist, who also devoted himself to the study of economics and law. He was born at … Read more

Visual marketing

Visual marketing is a strategy that uses visual elements, images or videos, to communicate something specific about a company or brand in order to make … Read more

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is an inexpensive marketing tool for the company, since the consumer is responsible for making the message spread quickly. For it to be … Read more

Green marketing

Green marketing is the treatment that companies give to the environment, including it as one of their own values ​​in such a way that it … Read more

Transactional marketing

Transactional marketing is a discipline based on commercial strategies that seek to satisfy consumers and achieve the objectives of a business through a system of … Read more

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is that discipline based on commercial strategies that focus their action on the sales of the moment, focusing their objective on the product … Read more

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a discipline that tries to increase traffic to a website, and position itself in social networks as a brand to attract … Read more