Value date

The value date of a financial transaction is the date on which it will be settled, that is, the date on which the transaction takes … Read more

Due date

The expiration date is the year, month, day and time limit to fulfill a contractual obligation. The concept of expiration date is frequently used in … Read more

Exercise date

The exercise date is related to financial options and refers to the day on which the option buyer has the right to exercise it. The … Read more

Accounting date

The accounting date is the date on which an accounting entry of any type is made in the journal of a company. This date reflects … Read more


Fayolism is a theoretical framework that has served as the basis for contemporary administrative sciences. Its creator was the mining engineer Henri Fayol. Fayol is … Read more


The concept of faxing is the action of sending faxes in a multiple way to communicate offers, advertising, messages, official announcements, among others. A fax … Read more

Phases of money laundering

Money laundering is made up of three distinct phases: placement, concealment and integration. These phases may be carried out jointly or separately. However, they will … Read more


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a body dependent on the UN whose purpose is to end hunger in the … Read more

Fannie Mae (FNMA)

Fannie Mae is an American mortgage institution in charge of guaranteeing affordable and guaranteed loans, in order to promote access to home ownership in the … Read more

Family office

A family office is a private company created with the intention of managing a family’s assets and ensuring its continuity over time. Let’s imagine a … Read more

Lack of liquidity

Lack of liquidity occurs when a company or a natural person does not have the capacity to meet its financial obligations. It is a fairly … Read more