Antisymmetric matrix

An antisymmetric matrix is ​​a square matrix where the elements outside the main diagonal are symmetrically equal but those below the main diagonal carry a … Read more

Attached matrix

An adjoint matrix is ​​a linear transformation of the original matrix through the determinant of minors and its sign and is mainly used to obtain … Read more


Matriarchy is a type of society. In this, the organization centers around the figure of women. This is constituted as the figure of authority and … Read more

Historical materialism

Historical materialism is the materialistic conception of history. This term was coined by Georgy Plekhanov, a Marxist who alluded to the conceptual framework identified by … Read more

Dialectical materialism

Dialectical materialism is a current belonging to the materialist current. This was raised by Engels and Marx, as well as enriched by Lenin and the … Read more

Raw material

A raw material is any good that is transformed during a production process to become a consumer good . There are some material goods that cannot … Read more

Discrete mathematics

Discrete mathematics is an area of ​​mathematics whose objective is the study of finite or infinite elements, as long as they are countable. Therefore, its … Read more

Applied mathematics

Applied mathematics are those mathematical methods that are used to solve problems related to applied research. In this way, what they do is help explain … Read more


Mathematics is a formal science, which studies the relationship between abstract entities or elements, such as numbers, signs and figures. Although mathematics is usually linked … Read more

Financial mathematics

Financial mathematics is an area of ​​applied mathematics that includes the study of calculation tools that allow determining the value of money over time in … Read more


Freemasonry is a discrete international organization, moved by the feeling of brotherhood that seeks the improvement of man in society through moral development and the … Read more

Salary mass

The salary mass is the sum of the salary remunerations that all employees of a place receive, as compensation for a job performed. This includes … Read more