Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is the process of incorporating new customers into the company, with the purpose that they buy our products and become a source of profit for the business.

Customer acquisition

Given that, as we know, a customer is the one who buys and pays the price of the product that a company sells, for that reason any company is interested in increasing its number of customers, because only in this way can it stay within the business and increase its level of utilities.

Therefore, the ideal when attracting new customers is to achieve loyalty so that they become loyal customers and repeatedly make a buyback of the products offered by the company.

That is, in order to achieve loyal customers, the company must focus on serving the customer’s need in the best way, because if it does not do so, it will only get them to buy it once, but there will be no repurchase of the product.

Also, in order to attract new clients, it is important to convert the company’s potential clients into real clients, who are actually willing to buy the satisfiers that the company offers.

What does a company need to attract new customers?

Therefore, the main thing that a company needs to do to attract new customers is to find and obtain enough information, which allows it to know the following aspects of the customer:

1. Customer needs

Undoubtedly, it is extremely important that it is first clear that a need is a physiological or social deficiency that a person faces, that is why marketing must consider that the source of opportunity to attract new customers is to focus on the unmet needs of its market .

So if a company knows what the existing needs are in its market, it is easier to plan the idea of ​​a product that manages to better focus on solving those needs and that ensures that it will have less risk of failure.

2. The customer’s wishes

On the other hand, desire is the way in which each client specifically wants to satisfy a need, although many people face the same need, each person has the idea of ​​a specific satisfier to be able to cover it.

Indeed, if the company develops a satisfier thinking of the specific wishes of its customers, it will be able to cover the customer’s need in a better way.

3. The customer’s purchasing power

Likewise, it must be considered that it is not enough that in a market we find an unsatisfied need and have defined the way that market wants to cover that need, it is also essential to determine if the market has demand capacity, that is, that it has purchasing power to be able to pay the prices.

Now, only if the market group has purchasing power can it become a customer for the company and help maintain its profit margin.

Customer Acquisition

Consequently, when this information is already available, the company will be able to use different strategies to attract more customers.

Strategies that a company can use to attract new customers

Some of the main strategies that the company can use to attract new customers are:

  • Use different communication channels: Knowing which are the main dissemination channels used by customers, we choose which ones to use to reach new customers in a more appropriate way and with the correct message.
  • Make alliances with our partners: If we know that new customers are buyers from another company and you can be our business partner by providing a product that can increase the benefit of your customers, we take the opportunity to attract new customers. For example, selling a drink in a recognized restaurant.
  • Create new product lines : This strategy is used by developing new product lines that better meet customer needs, or allow our current customer to use associated products.
  • Do a business proposition review : In this case we may offer a correct product for the market, but we fail by not presenting an attractive proposition to customers.
  • Listen to customers: Knowing the opinions, suggestions and especially the complaints of consumers, can help us to improve all the elements of value delivery for the customer and improve them if necessary, to attract more customers.
Customer Acquisition Strategies

To conclude, we see that for any company that wants to stay in the market and increase its profits, it must seek to increase the acquisition of new customers, and this is only achieved if it has the ability to offer an excellent product, but also if it develops a good commercial proposal. or business that interests the customer and therefore is willing to pay the price of the product offered.