Communication process

The communication process is one that takes place between a sender and a receiver. The first emits a message directed towards the second, and it is carried out through a certain channel.

Communication process

The communication process occurs between sender and receiver, but for this it is important to bear in mind that a series of important elements are involved. When you want to give a message, it is essential that there are two or more people for this communication process to take place.

The channel, the codes used, the feedback that exists between both subjects, among other elements, must also be taken into account.

Elements of the communication process

These are the essential elements for the communication process to take place:

  • Sender: This subject is essential since he is in charge of issuing the message with the aim that it reaches the receiver in a clear, concise and effective way. It can be one or more recipients who receive this message.
  • Message: Another indisputable element since the message is what you want to make manifest. It is that content that must be elaborated so that it causes an impact on the receiver. You have to take great care of its characteristics and the fact that it is clear and close, since it must be easily understood by the receiver.
  • Coding: It is the process carried out by the issuer when configuring the message, choosing the most appropriate channel, and preparing the content that it wants to transmit. All this corresponds to the issuing subject.
  • Channel: It is the means by which the message reaches the receiver. You can choose letters, social networks, radio, magazines, television, among others. Ultimately, it is about choosing the most appropriate channel so that the message that is broadcast arrives with guarantees through an effective channel.
  • Decoding: This process corresponds to the receiver. Here he is in charge of understanding the message and understanding what he has received.

After carrying out all this procedure, the usual thing is that there is a feedback process in which the recipient, in this case the receiver, can comment or correspond with any other message in response to the sender.

In this case the roles would be changed, but the procedure would be the same.

There are some elements that can prevent the communication process from running smoothly and effectively. This is the case of noise. It may occur if the message is not well prepared, if the chosen channel is not the most appropriate, or if the receiver is not able to understand the codes and the content that he is receiving.

If this problem occurs, the communication process is not carried out in an optimal way, so it would be necessary to assess that it is failing and carry out a more careful and effective communication process, taking care of each element that intervenes in detail.