The term cambaceo is used to refer to the sales process that is carried out with the visit of the seller from house to house or from business to business. It is one of the oldest sales techniques that exist and the key to its success is the power of persuasion of the salesperson.


Fundamentally, cambaceo is a specialized sales technique that focuses on detecting a customer’s need. To do this, the seller must visit the customer at his home, company or business. Despite technological advancement and being a very old sales technique, it is still used by companies.

Additionally, companies use cambaceo to increase their growth and market share. This, given that the visit of the salespeople to the places where the client is located always helps to find new prospects and to achieve the financial stability of any business.

Simply put, swapping is when the seller offers a product directly to potential customers. For that reason, it is known as face-to-face selling. Also, it is known as door-to-door sales.

Steps to perform the cambaceo

The cambaceo follows the following steps:

1. Capture the customer’s attention

The first step is to capture the customer’s attention. In this step, the salesperson must make the customer stop doing what he is doing and focus all his attention on the demonstration of the product he wants to sell.

2. Detect the customer’s need

The second step is to detect what the customer’s need is. Detection of the need should focus on what can be solved with the product offered by the seller.

3. Closing of sale

The third step is the closing of the sale. Once the client is convinced that their need can be satisfied with the product offered by the seller, they seek to close the sale. In other words, to convince the customer that this product is their best option. Finishing the process with the purchase and acquisition of the product.

Cambaceo 1
Steps of cambaceo

Requirements to be a good seller using the cambaceo

For a seller to successfully apply the cambaceo technique, the following is needed:

1. Have knowledge of the product

Above all, a seller using the cambaceo technique must have a clear understanding of the product he is selling. Therefore, you must handle the pros and cons of the product you sell. Since, only if you present solid arguments will you be able to convince the customer and build trust to carry out the purchase action.

2. Be patient

Next, the salesperson must be clear that, of the customers who visit door to door, not all want or need the product that they sell. This implies that, on your journey from house to house or from business to business, you will find many negative responses towards the sale of the product. Thus, you must be very patient before making an effective sale.

3. Be persistent

On the other hand, the seller must be persistent. This, because you will receive many negative responses on your journey. But, that does not mean you should stop trying. Sooner or later you will arrive with one or more clients who do want or need the product and will receive an affirmative answer, successfully achieving the closing of the sale.

4. Have charisma and qualities

Likewise, the seller must have charisma and qualities to properly carry out his sales work. The charisma of a salesperson can get a person to buy a product, even if they don’t need it. This, because the seller manages to convince you that the product he sells is a good option to satisfy his needs.

Cambaceo 2
Requirements to be a good seller using cambaceo

Tips to efficiently perform the cambaceo

The most important tips to efficiently perform the cambaceo are:

1. Listen to the customer

Indeed, the seller must listen to the customer from the moment he opens the door of his home or business. This allows the customer to realize that their needs are more important than the product the seller offers.

2. Observe and ask about the customer’s need

Naturally, the seller does not know the customers. Therefore, it is very important that you be very observant about your needs. In addition, you should ask questions related to those needs – that way, you will let the customer do the talking, before offering the product or promoting it.

3. Offer the product after identifying the need

Certainly, only when the customer’s need has been fully identified, will the seller be able to offer the product. Only at that moment should you zoom in on the sale action.

4. Know interests and objections

After the customer’s need has been identified, the seller must know the interest shown by the customer for the product he sells. Next, the seller must handle the objections or reasons that prevent him from deciding to buy it, making every effort to minimize or eliminate such objections.

5. Promote the purchase

Finally, when the customer’s objections have already been resolved or minimized, the seller must encourage them to complete the purchase. If everything is done properly, the closing of the sale will finally be achieved.

To conclude, we can indicate that cambaceo is one of the oldest sales techniques that exist. However, it is still used with great success by companies and businesses that use it to increase their growth and market share. The cambaceo is a very profitable model, but it takes a lot of effort, dedication and patience on the part of the seller.