Accounting advisor

The accounting advisor is the professional in charge of keeping the accounts of a company. Among its main functions, is the management of financial information for decision making, as well as the analysis of the financial situation of the company to improve it.

Accounting advisor

The accounting advisor, therefore and as its own name indicates, is the person who, within one or more companies, is in charge of keeping the accounting. And, although we have said that the accountant is the professional in charge of keeping the accounts of a company, the truth is that many of these accounting consultants work as self-employed workers, and provide their services to various companies.

However, either independently or as a salaried employee in a company, the accounting advisor is the one who, as its name suggests, advises on the financial and accounting situation of the company.

As we know, accounting is one of the most important elements within a company. Thanks to accounting, we record all the economic movements that the firm makes, what it spends, what it enters, what it bills, what it generates, among other aspects. Thanks to accounting, we can make decisions in a better way, while we know the information and we can analyze it to improve management and optimize resources. For this reason, the figure of the accounting advisor for the company is so important.

This accounting consultant must have a training, preferably university, in accounting. At the same time, if you want to audit our accounts, it must be registered, in those countries that require it, in the registry of auditors. And all this, respecting the rules established by the accounting regulations in the place where you carry out your profession.

Characteristics of the accounting advisor

That said, let’s see the most important characteristics that define this professional profile:

  • You are a professional, economist or graduate in accounting, business administration or similar.
  • He has training in economics, in branches such as accounting and finance in general.
  • You can perform your duties for one company, or for several. That is, it can be an external or internal advisor.
  • He is in charge of keeping the accounting within the company.
  • You must supply information to management.
  • You must analyze the information to optimize and improve management.
  • It must record all the movements that the company makes, and that imply an entry, an exit, or a modification of the cash register.
  • He is a professional who must know the legislation, especially the accounting regulations.

Types of accounting advisor

Among the types of accounting advisor that we can find, we must highlight two:

  • Freelance accounting advisor or consultant: One who works for us externally. It can be a consultant or an accounting professional.
  • Internal accounting consultant : Companies sometimes hire internal accounting consultants to control the company’s accounting. These provide their services for the company exclusively, and only carry the accounting management of this.

What does an accounting advisor do?

Among the functions carried out by an accounting advisor, we highlight the following:

  • Control the accounting of the company.
  • Record the movements that it performs.
  • Provide information to the board, for decision making.
  • Analyze financial information, to maximize resources.
  • Manage the documentation required by the relevant legislation.
  • He is in charge of managing the company’s assets.
  • Present the accounting books to the corresponding authorities.
  • It is responsible for complying with the accounting regulations required by law.

Requirements to be an accounting advisor

Among the requirements to be an accounting advisor, we must highlight that each country demands a series of requirements to be met by those interested in carrying out this profession.

However, the accounting advisor will be a professional with knowledge of economics, business and finance. Likewise, you must have knowledge of laws, since the accounting regulations must be complied with at all times.

In short, there are degrees that focus on this discipline, but not only these are the ones that allow access.

Profile of the accounting advisor

An accounting advisor must present the following features:

  • Be orderly.
  • Meet deadlines and be on time.
  • Know the accounting regulations at all times.
  • Be professional and rigorous.
  • Have communication skills.
  • Ability to solve complex problems.
  • Crisis management capacity.
  • Good performance when working under pressure.
  • Control of finances, and the economy in general.