Machinery is considered at the accounting level as the set of tangible goods that are dedicated to production, a specific activity or utility. Therefore, it … Read more

Steam machine

The steam engine is one that, through the force of the steam generated by a certain amount of water via thermal energy, achieves mechanical energy … Read more


The typewriter is a mechanical device used to print sets of letters on a surface. This machine supposed the homogenization of the characters and letters … Read more


A maquiladora is a type of company, very common in Mexico, that imports the raw material without any type of tariff to manufacture the product, … Read more

Risk map

The risk map is a tool that reflects the current situation of the business, as well as the economic, political and social situation that surrounds … Read more

Process map

A process map is a diagram that allows you to graphically see all the processes that are carried out within an organization and their interrelationships. … Read more

Positioning map

The positioning map is a graph that allows us to observe, through two planes, the position that a brand occupies compared to other brands of … Read more

Indifference Curve Map

An indifference curve map is a set of indifference curves that represents a given utility function. The indifference curve map represents the different levels of … Read more

Conceptual map

A concept map is a graphic tool that allows you to synthesize and rank the most important knowledge that a subject has on a topic. … Read more


Maoism is an existing trend in communism that originated in the People’s Republic of China and the main dominator of that territory at the political … Read more

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong (1893-1976) was a Chinese president and the founder of the People’s Republic of China. He was one of the most important historical figures … Read more


A manufacture is the result of converting raw materials into a manufactured product through an industrial process. In this way, the finished goods are obtained, … Read more