Price discrimination

Price discrimination is a practice that consists of charging different prices to different consumers for the same good or service. This, despite the fact that … Read more


Discrimination is an act by which an unequal treatment is made to a person or group for reasons of race, religion, sexuality, age, social class, … Read more

Fiscal discrepancy

A tax discrepancy occurs when a public collecting entity receives a different amount of a certain tax to which an individual or organization declares. A … Read more


Dirigism is a political and economic ideology. This proposes that the State assume an important intervention in the economy of a country. This, mainly through … Read more


The guideline is that line, surface or volume that determines the generation of a geometric figure. This, when another line, surface or volume revolves around … Read more

Non-executive director

A non-executive director is one who has no interference in the daily management of the company. However, he does participate in business planning and policy … Read more

Managing Director

The CEO of a company is the person who is ultimately responsible for the administration of a company or entity. The CEO is the highest … Read more

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A financial director is the professional responsible for using the monetary resources of the organization in the best possible way, detecting opportunities that allow generating … Read more

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A technology director (CTO) is a professional responsible for designing and / or developing technological systems that facilitate management and processes in the organization. One … Read more