Management Buy Out

The Management Buy Out (MBO) is the process by which the managers who manage a company take ownership of it, that is, they come to … Read more

Management Buy In (MBI)

The Management Buy in is the operation by which a management team accesses the ownership and management of an administration of a company of which … Read more


Embezzlement, or embezzlement, is a crime that authorities and officials can commit in the performance of their duties. As depositories of public resources, they divert … Read more


Malthusianism is an economic and sociological theory, developed in the 18th century, which states that the earth’s resources will not be sufficient to feed the … Read more


Wasting constitutes the situation or process in which both people and companies use or misuse resources, thus bringing negative situations. The term waste is applied … Read more

Winner’s curse

The winner’s curse is a phenomenon in which the winner of an auction or tender ends up offering a higher bid than the actual value … Read more

Bad banking practices

Bad banking practices are the set of actions carried out by financial institutions in relation to their clients that are not within the standards of … Read more

Bad faith

Bad faith is acting without following a standard of conduct that indicates how a person should behave in a certain situation. The model of social … Read more


The tycoon is an individual with socioeconomic power who exerts great influence in the business and / or political sphere, supported by the fortune he … Read more


Macromarketing is the study of the impact that marketing strategies have on the economy and society in general. Marketing is a part of a consumer’s … Read more


The macroenvironment is used to define those external forces that will have an indirect impact on the organization, and that exist regardless of whether there … Read more


Macroeconomics studies the global functioning of the economy as an integrated whole, in order to explain the evolution of economic aggregates. When we speak of … Read more