The workforce includes all the people who do the work in a company. Work is the human effort applied to the production process and can … Read more


Manipulation is a concept used in criminal law that qualifies a crime and consists of the instigation of one person to another to commit a … Read more

Communist manifesto

The communist manifesto is the basic document of communist thought, made up of the thoughts of Marx and Engels on political, economic and sociological matters. … Read more

Mandate of central banks

The mandate of central banks marks the way of fulfilling each priority objective established by each central bank. In this regard, we have brought together … Read more


The manager is the professional who is in charge of representing an artist or athlete. Although we can also be referring to the manager of … Read more

Management Buy Out

The Management Buy Out (MBO) is the process by which the managers who manage a company take ownership of it, that is, they come to … Read more

Management Buy In (MBI)

The Management Buy in is the operation by which a management team accesses the ownership and management of an administration of a company of which … Read more


Embezzlement, or embezzlement, is a crime that authorities and officials can commit in the performance of their duties. As depositories of public resources, they divert … Read more


Malthusianism is an economic and sociological theory, developed in the 18th century, which states that the earth’s resources will not be sufficient to feed the … Read more


Wasting constitutes the situation or process in which both people and companies use or misuse resources, thus bringing negative situations. The term waste is applied … Read more

Winner’s curse

The winner’s curse is a phenomenon in which the winner of an auction or tender ends up offering a higher bid than the actual value … Read more

Bad banking practices

Bad banking practices are the set of actions carried out by financial institutions in relation to their clients that are not within the standards of … Read more