Subprime crisis

The subprime crisis was a financial crisis that occurred in the world economy in 2008. It originated in the United States, but quickly spread to … Read more

Systemic crisis

A systemic crisis is the collapse of the system as a result of a chain reaction of negative consequences that affect a large number of … Read more

Political crisis

A political crisis is an adverse situation, which happens suddenly, and which puts the government and the institutions that are affected in a negative situation. … Read more

Financial crisis

A financial crisis is an economic disturbance that is caused by problems associated with the financial or monetary system of a country. The financial crisis, … Read more

Economic crisis

An economic crisis is a period in which an economy faces difficulties for a long time. In other words, an economic crisis is the part … Read more

1973 oil crisis

The 1973 Oil Crisis is an international crisis that took place in 1973 with the decision of several countries in the Persian Gulf not to … Read more

Debt crisis

A debt crisis is an economic phenomenon that countries or supranational organizations go through. Due to financing problems, usually related to difficulties in the payment … Read more

Balance of payments crisis

A balance of payments crisis is a macroeconomic phenomenon, which takes place when the level of a country’s reserves changes. Producing distortions in the decisions … Read more

Currency crisis

A currency crisis is a problematic phenomenon that countries or economic unions encounter. This occurs when it is difficult to maintain the degree of parity … Read more

Caipirinha crisis

The Caipirinha crisis was the crisis that emerged in Brazil at the end of 1999. A crisis generated as a consequence of the mass capital … Read more

Banking crisis

A banking crisis is the situation in which one or more banks in a country or region suffer serious illiquidity or insolvency problems at the … Read more