Historical volatility

Historical volatility allows predictions of volatility in the short and medium term through statistical inference. In other words, past volatilities serve as a basis for … Read more

Vertical restraints

Vertical restraints are agreements or concerted practices that define the relationship between two or more companies that are located at different levels of the supply … Read more

Working population

The employed population is that group of citizens who are carrying out some economic activity. This, either on a salaried basis or as an independent … Read more

Business organization chart

A business organization chart is the clear and simple graphic representation of how a company or organization is structured. Fundamentally, the organization chart defines the … Read more


A mutual or mutual is a non-profit society, which is constituted under the principles of solidarity and mutual aid. It consists of a voluntary union … Read more

Markowitz model

The Markowitz model is a model whose objective is to find the optimal investment portfolio for each investor in terms of profitability and risk. This, … Read more

External market

The external market is one that corresponds to the economic activities that a country develops with the rest of the world. This includes buying and … Read more

Soft release

The concept of soft launch refers to the act of launching a product to a limited audience to check its acceptance. And, from there, modify … Read more

Public administration

Public Administration comprises all public sector bodies formed to perform the task of administering and managing organizations, institutions and agencies of the State. The Public … Read more

Process management

Process management is an approach that considers an organization to be a network of related and interconnected processes. Therefore, it is the way to manage … Read more