Human Resources (HR)

Human resources (HR) are the set of workers, as well as any natural person who is within (or directly linked to) an organization, sector or … Read more

Forest resources

Forest resources are those elements that come from forests and can be used to satisfy some human need. That is, this type of resource is … Read more

Financial resources

Financial resources are those assets that have some degree of liquidity. Therefore, from an economic point of view, it would be those related to cash … Read more

Scarce resources

Scarce resources are those that, according to the economic principle of scarcity of resources or scarcity law, are in a situation of limited availability. In … Read more

Available resources

Available resources are those means used to achieve an end or a utility. At the macroeconomic level, it refers to the different resources that are … Read more

Foreign resources

The external resources are those that do not come from the own funds of a company and the capital subscribed by it. They are located … Read more

Mineral resources

Mineral resources are inorganic materials found in the earth’s crust. They are usually extracted for an economic purpose, as they serve as an input for … Read more

Revocation resource

The appeal for revocation is a means of challenge against resolutions of the public Administration that are considered illegal. The appeal is filed by the … Read more

Replenishment resource

The appeal for reconsideration is an ordinary means of challenge available to the parties in a judicial process before resolutions that they consider not in … Read more

Complaint appeal

The complaint appeal is an extraordinary means of challenge available to the parties in a judicial process in the event of inadmissibility of resources. This … Read more


The appeal is an extraordinary method of challenge against final judgments of courts that have resolved the appeals and that is presented before the Supreme … Read more


The appeal is a means to challenge judicial decisions handed down by a judge that are not considered fair. The judgments or orders that can … Read more