Negative reinforcement

Negative reinforcement is a system by which it is intended to achieve a certain behavior by eliminating a stimulus that may be negative or unwanted … Read more

Labour reform

A labor reform is a modification of the regulations whose objective is to modify the labor relations of a country in a significant way. Normally … Read more

Tax Reform

A tax reform is a modification made by a country, or a territory, in terms of tax legislation. Through the reform, the different norms established … Read more

Structural reform

Structural reform is the set of measures that modify the structure of an economy. In other words, reforms that are carried out in the institutional … Read more

Agrarian reform

Agrarian reform is a set of measures aimed at modifying the ownership and exploitation of land. In this way, it seeks to change the way … Read more


Reflation is a scenario where the state artificially stimulates the economy in order to overcome a recession. For this, fiscal and / or monetary policy … Read more


Refinancing is the issuance of new debt to cancel the previous one in order to achieve better conditions and increase available liquidity. For example, when … Read more


Re-export is the export of foreign goods in the same state in which they were previously imported. In general, re-export is not considered to be … Read more

Business restructuring

A business restructuring is the process by which a company is transformed, adapting to a new business model, previously unknown to it. The objective of … Read more

Debt restructuring

Debt restructuring consists of establishing new conditions in the payment and / or interest rate of the current debt of an economic agent (usually a … Read more

Conditional refunds

Conditional refunds are refunds that are used to reward or induce certain buying or selling behavior. Conditional rebates generally take the form of rewards when … Read more


Reimbursement is the economic operation by which a person or organization receives back money that it has previously advanced. In general terms, reimbursement involves restoring … Read more