Toledo Pact

The Toledo Pact is a consensus reached between the political parties in Spain, the purpose of which is to study all the problems that affect … Read more

Stability and Growth Pact

The Stability and Growth Pact is a set of rules implemented in the European Union (EU). Its objective is to prevent the negative consequences of … Read more

Commissary pact

The commissary agreement is a contractual clause that the parties to a contract expressly stipulate and allows said agreement to be automatically resolved without the … Read more

Andean Pact

The Andean Pact is an agreement, signed between several Latin American countries, which aims at the integration and economic and social cooperation of certain Latin … Read more


Packaging is a set of activities focused on preparing products for storage, distribution and final sale. In marketing, it is used by companies as a … Read more


Pacifism is the current of thought that defends that conflicts, whether between individuals or groups, must be resolved peacefully; without resorting to violence, and armed … Read more


The term overnight refers to the term that a financial operation can have, specifically, overnight implies a term or life of one day. In financial … Read more


The output is the set of goods and services that a company or industry obtains by combining different factors of production. In other words, the … Read more


Outplacement is a support service that the company provides to workers it decides to fire. In this way, these people who lose their job are … Read more


An outlier is an abnormal and extreme observation in a statistical sample or time series of data that can potentially affect the estimation of its … Read more

Outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is a direct online marketing method to show the product to the consumer and try to promote its sale. The content is managed … Read more