Political feasibility

Political feasibility allows a company to analyze whether it will be able to maintain the commitments due to the internal agreements signed with the different … Read more

Operational feasibility

The operational feasibility consists of the analysis of the productive resources, including the human ones, necessary for the realization of an economic project. Therefore, operational … Read more

Legal feasibility

Legal feasibility performs an analysis and evaluation of a project to confirm that it meets the legal requirements necessary for its operation. Therefore, legal feasibility … Read more

Financial feasibility

Financial feasibility assesses whether, from an economic and financial point of view , a project it can be done, stay on track and generate value. … Read more

Commercial feasibility

Commercial feasibility allows us to know if a product or service has the potential to generate profits in its target market . Therefore, with the … Read more

Permanent facilities

Standing facilities are one of the monetary policy instruments of the Eurosystem. Through which, it is intended to inject or drain overnight liquidity directly through … Read more

Essential facilities

Essential facilities are inputs (goods or services) offered exclusively by a monopolist, or by a very small number of vendors. That is, it is difficult … Read more

Ease of deposit

The deposit facility is a monetary policy instrument within the permanent facilities, and allows counterparties to make overnight deposits in the National Central Banks when … Read more

Credit facility

The credit facility is a monetary policy instrument within the permanent facilities, and allows entities to obtain liquidity from the National Central Banks overnight, at … Read more


The manufacturer is the entrepreneur or company that develops finished products from raw materials, that is, aimed at the final consumer. In other words, the … Read more


A factory is a physical or virtual place where some type of good or service is systematically produced. The main purpose of a factory is … Read more

Kelly’s F

Kelly’s F is a money management technique applied to investments in financial markets. It indicates the maximum percentage that we must risk in each operation … Read more